2016 Club Championships – Entries

Entries are now open for the 2016 annual club championships. As in previous years we will be organising womens singles, mens singles, womens doubles, mens doubles and mixed doubles. Entries are open to club members and regular social players. Each player is welcome to enter one or all of the competitions to which they are eligible. The entry fee is $12 per person regardless of the number of competitions that you enter.

The initial rounds of each competition will be a single set with the winner the first to 9 games (regardless of the margin between the scores). Each final will be the best of 3 tie-break sets.

Championship entries are now open. Click on the link to download the Championship Entry Form 2016. Please return your completed form to the club president closing date below.

To ensure that the competition is completed swiftly we have instituted a time limit for each round. It is the individual player’s responsibility to check their draw for each round and to have completed their match(es) before the deadline. The draw and schedule will be available in the club hut each week for reference. The key dates for the championships this year are

  • 10.07.2016 – Closing date for entries
  • 20.07.2016 – Draw published
  • 21.08.2016 – 1st round completion
  • 18.09.2016 – 2nd round completion
  • 09.10.2016 – 3rd round completion
  • 30.10.2016 – 4th round / Semi Finals
  • 08.11.2016 – Finals Completed