Message From The President

Court Behaviour Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. People should keep to their own business.
Everyone comes to play tennis, enjoy their sport, have some exercise, social interaction and a break from day to day life.
While the majority of the men are stronger players than the majority of the women, due to physical factors, we are a mixed club of about equal number men and women. Some members have played all their life and were A graders, while others have taken the game up late in life.
People do not come for tennis lessons, criticisms of their play or the need to say sorry because they played a bad shot. There has been many occasions where a playing partner’s game has collapsed because of what their partner has said to them. Of course suggestions to your partner regarding positional play or something they are unaware of are part of the game. 
We all like to play our best and win as many games as possible, especially so in the Round Robin, so let’s enjoy our tennis.
New Tennis Balls I have negotiated and bought today a $80 discount for Dunlop Australian Open Balls, which is a better price than the Topserve balls. These balls are one of the most popular, have a higher bounce and keep their compression longer. However that meant no gift vouchers. As we are getting older and slower we should enjoy this change, though it may decrease the effectiveness of my drop shot.
Warning A female member was given a warning regarding inappropriate behaviour. See you on the court. Cheers, Roy