Fees for the First Half of 2015

As it is January once again member’s fees for the first six months of 2015 are now due. We would appreciate prompt payment by all members. Due to rising court hire fees the membership fees for Wakehurst Tennis Club are now $200.00 for full members and $100.00 for students.

Casual rates have also increased from the first of January and are now $12.00 for two hours or $18.00 for three hours. This is the first increase in four years and has been caused by an increase in the rent charged to the court operators by Warringah Council.

Payments can be made by cash or cheque to the Treasurer Warwick Bookallil at which time a receipt will be written.
Alternatively you can make a direct payment to the Wakehurst Tennis Club bank account. See any committee member for the bank account details.

January 2015 Round Robin

This coming Sunday the 25th of January will be the usual Round Robin played on the last Sunday of the month.
As it is just before Australia day it will be called “Round Aussie”.

The normal playing rules apply:

  • Arrive before 9 00 am so that we can organise the draw.
    • If you arrive late you will only be included at the Club Captain’s discretion
    • Those arriving before 9am can warm up on court before the competition starts
    • Be prepared to play four of the usual sets
    • Prizes for the winners of each division
    • The cost to play is $5

If the weather is doubtful you can phone to check if the courts are open at (02) 9907 9180. Stragglers please note, be courtside by 9.00 or risk missing out on the competition.

Depending on availability there may be a court set aside for social matches during the morning but this is not guaranteed. Your best chance of playing on Sunday is to arrive before 9:00am and play in the round robin,

29th Annual General Meeting

The 29th Annual General Meeting of the Wakehurst Tennis Club will be held on the 8th of February, 2015 at 12.30pm at Wakehurst Golf Club, Seaforth.


  1. Apologies
  2. To receive and adopt the Minutes of the last AGM for 2014
  3. To receive and adopt the President’s Report
  4. To receive and adopt the Club Captain’s Report
  5. To receive and adopt the Treasurer’s Report
  6. Election of Office Bearers
  7. Discussion of the Wakehurst Tennis Club Championships
  8. Any other business


All Members and Players of the Club are encouraged to attend the meeting. Only club members who are full financial members at the time of the meeting are entitled to vote. Only full club members who are present at the meeting are entitled to vote. No proxies will be accepted. The Committee /office bearers will consist of

  • President/Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Club Captain
  • Social Secretary or secretaries

The Vice Captains are by appointment only and help to direct play at the two sessions of tennis.

November 2014 Round Robin

The round robin for November 2014 will be held this coming Sunday, the 30th of November. The rules are the same as previous competitions

  • Your entry will cost $5 to cover the cost of prizes
  • Arrive as early as you can and be court side by 9.00am. This is so we can get a draw organised and underway quickly. If you arrive after 9:00am you will only be able to play at the Captain’s discretion
  • Each contestant will play 4 matches of 8 games with a different partner for each match

Time permitting we are also hoping to play a mixed doubles semi-final in our continuing journey to the completion of the club championships.

Courts on Sunday the 16th of November

This next Sunday the 16th of November we will have the usual four courts (for three hours each) plus three extra hours booked on court two. This gives us fifteen hours of court time for the morning.

The extra court time is to allow for the semi-finals of the Championship Mixed Doubles to be played. I am sure that the semi-finals will be worth watching. Even with the championships coming to a conclusion there will be plenty of courts available and we encourage regular attendees and guests to come for social competitive tennis.

28th Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that Annual General Meeting of the Wakehurst Tennis Club will be held on Sunday the 2nd of February, 2014 after tennis has completed. The meeting will start at 12.30pm in the Wakehurst golf club which is adjacent to the tennis courts.


  1. Apologies
  2. To receive and adopt the minutes of the last AGM in February 2013
  3. To receive and adopt the President’s annual report
  4. To receive and adopt the Club Captains Annual Report
  5. To receive and adopt the Treasurer’s report and financial statement for calendar year 2013
  6. Election of office bearers
  7. Any other business


  1. All members of the Club are encouraged to attend the AGM, but only full club members who are financial are entitled to vote
  2. Only members who are present at the meeting are entitled to vote. There will be no proxies
  3. The committee/office bearers will consist of: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Captain and Vice Captain.

Fees for 2014

As we move into a new year fees are now due for the first half of 2014. The rates are $190 for a full member and $95 for a student. These are payable to the club treasurer or into the club bank account. If you are paying directly please indicate on the transfer who the fees are for.

Casual rates stay at $15 for 3 hours (Sunday and Wednesday) or $10 if you only play for 2 hours.

Schedule for Christmas and New Year

As public holidays are falling on our normal tennis days this year we have an updated schedule for players over the festive season.

Date Location
Wednesday 25th December Courts closed, no tennis
Sunday 29th December Wakehurst Couvret as normal
Wednesday 1st January Wakehurst Couvret as normal
Sunday 5th January Wakehurst Couvret as normal
Wednesday 8th January No courts due to 4 day junior tournament

This is the first time open on New Years Day evening. It should be of interest to those who wish to keep on playing regardless.

December 2013 Round Robin

This coming Sunday, the 22nd of December, we will run our end of year round Robin. This event will be run by by our 2 Js hence round JayJay.

The rules are the same as our usual monthly round robins

  • arrive before 9.00 for a warm up and so that we can organise a draw
  • be prepared to play 4 matches
  • entry cost is $5.00
  • the prize is a bottle of wine for each winner

The last few round robins have been very well attended. Where possible we will arrange social games but please be aware that the round robin will take priority.