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Spring Tennis Starting Under New NSW Covid Restrictions

Hi Tennis Fans, 
hope you’re all well, rested and mentally holding it together after this extended lockdown. The good news – it seems the New freedoms for vaccinated first step on state roadmap out of COVID
is that for LGAs not of concern in Greater Sydney, we can resume group exercise in maximum groups of 5 from 13th. On this basis and pending any further restriction advice – we’ll open up for social again from Wednesday 15th Sep. 
We’ll use the same registration process for Wednesday Night (7 – 9 pm) and Sunday (9 -11 am) sessions and hopefully extend hours in October as we get more players returning. 
One condition of the new restrictions is that every player must be fully vaccinated from Covid – that’s 2 jabs – “jab jab, BiPhi, Biaz” but fully vaxxed is the requirement and we’ll ask you to confirm this in each booking form. 
We’ll keep courts to groups of 4 for 1 hour sessions and maximum of 5 for 2 hour sessions and we wont mix groups. The booking form links below have some options to select preferred playing partners and offer any feedback – we just ask for your email / phone for any responses/confirmations and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Very important to please confirm with John on this email or 0422 294 358 any changes or issues prior to and after playing groups are set. 
Booking forms for Wednesday 15th Sep 7  – 9 – Link here
Booking form for Sunday 19th Sep 9  -11 am Link here
PS: Discussion on comps timing and credits for subs paid since July will come when things settle back down to some sort of normalcy. 
cheers folks and really looking forward to getting back for some good social tennis
John and Mel x

New COVID Protocols for Social Tennis

Tennis NSW update yesterday has confirmed that club social tennis can continue in the current restrictions, noting covid protocols need to apply (weather permitting).
Tomorrow night – 30th June registration form is still active. Please register by 12 noon tomorrow and just let me know by 6 pm if you can’t make it. All still welcome but please accept player group allocation based on numbers. 
Sunday 4th July  – Register here
We’ll have playing groups of 10 max on each cabana allocated across 2 courts, please store your gear in / around your cabana and limit off-court time to your playing groups where possible. We’re also going back to Covid end changes – 4 games each end then swap to complete the set. 
We’ll happily take suggestions for managing our playing within the spirit of these restrictions and incorporate for future dates if workable – thanks for your understanding. 
thanks team and stay well – John and Mel x
Wakehurst Social Covid Protocols 29th June until further notice ·       QR code check in at the bottom of the stairs & check out when leaving ·       Social distancing applies, 1.5 metres apart. Feel free to wear face masks when off-court. This is not compulsory outdoors in NSW but who does it hurt? ·       We will publish playing groups of up to 10 people max across 2 courts, on each cabana for each playing session. Please store your gear in or around respective cabanas. ·       Sanitise regularly using tubs kept at each cabana. ·       We will set each cabana up with playing balls and sanitiser before each session. ·       4 Games at each each then swap sides (clockwise) to change ends ·       Please refrain from attending Wakehust Social Tennis if you’ve been unwell or if you’ve been to an identified NSW case location. ·       Know the symptoms and get tested ·       In all cases NSW Govt Covid Restrictions apply.

COVID-19 Measures During Lockdown

This communication complies with Tennis NSW and Wakehurst Tennis are good with it. This situation may change over coming days if Tennis NSW / State Govt release more restrictions around community sport. 
Each of us must comply to any applicable personal restrictions/isolation in terms of NSW Gov’t published exposure sites and of course, if you are feeling unwell don’t risk it. First priority is self and our communities health. 
Tennis is on today with the following measures in place: 

 – we all need to use the QR check in facilities which are at the club – we will play in groups of 8 all morning – first comers will make the first group, leave stuff in or around the usual cabana – next group in the next cabana down..and so on – Social distancing needs to be observed – masks are not required outside but feel free to bring one for off-court if you feel safer with it or to further protect each other if there are a few off court at the same time – We will handle our equipment and balls centrally – Sanitise

Thanks folks – glad we can still get out today and hope to see you down there, 
John & Mel

Rules of Play During COVID-19 Restrictions

Message from Wendy Sullivan:
The order of play for Sunday is as follows:- 
Two people to a court playing “Busselton Singles”. 
Busselton Singles is playing cross-court using half the  court from the middle to sidelines including tram lines, as if you were playing doubles.
Each player has two serves,  when everyone has completed 4 games players rotate one court clockwise. No change of ends on serve.
While waiting for all games to be completed, players must remain on court and maintain social distancing.
Your session will last for 1hr +25minutes and there will be 8 or 9 players per session. If 9 players, one person sits out each rotation on reaching court 4 and re-enters onto court 4 at the next rotation. Danni, Melinda and  Ray will facilitate. The order of play is as follows:-
The first group please be at the Centre by 9am ready for play at 9:05.
Court 1. Julia and Ajay; Court 2. Ray and Alan; Court 3. Danny and Anthony; Court 4. Dave and Danni; Melinda to sit off.  Please finish play by 10:25 and leave promptly after using hand sanitiser.
Second group to be at centre at 10:30 ready for play by 10:35. Court 1. Lindsay and James; Court 2. Elaine and Marie; Court 3. Charlie and Michelle; Court 4. Shane and Roy; Wendy sit off.
Finish play by 11:55, please leave promptly after sanitising.

Ning is commencing Ramadan but may make a guest appearance, we wish her well.
Could EVERYONE please email within 24/24 with feedback . 🎾🤔🤚😃🎾eg. Are you happy with the format, will you be playing on a regular Sunday? Any other suggestions welcome. As tennis is one of the few sports we can play at present, the courts are proving very popular and need to be booked a week ahead at least.  
Good luck everyone for a fun day .
We are hoping it won’t be all that long before we can get back to doubles. This is our first step.      Wendy   😃👋🎾