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Year End Arrangements for 2022

Hi Everyone, I have just spoken to Max at Voyager Tennis. He informs me that, whilst he himself will be away on holidays, the Wakehurst Tennis Centre will remain open over the Xmas and New Year period. The only days we will miss will be the two Sundays which fall on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Sunday, 25th December: No tennis Wednesday, 28th December: Tennis on Sunday, 1st January: No tennis Wednesday, 4th January: Tennis on Everything back to normal after this last date. Come out on the Wednesday nights you Sunday-only players and work off some of that Xmas pudding and New Year’s Day feasting. 😀 Danny.

Year End Arrangements For 2021

Hiya Tennis Fans and thanks to those who braved the heat to get out for a hit today. Good to be complaining about the heat rather than the rain for a change. We do love a good complain at times :). On this point – I do promise to bring more energy and staying power next year after a good post Xmas refresh.
Thanks Very Much to Heather and Steve for hosting us all at Xmas drinks on Friday night – beautiful place, great company with lots of our ‘better halves’ along, great plate contributions, games and chats. Well done to all the ‘smurf’ winners and apologies for hogging all the mushroom dip – if you didn’t get any it was delicious!
No more requirements to register for our sessions going forward under NSW covid regs. Clearly, only come if you feel up to it and we all carry responsibility to keep each other safe these days.
We still have play scheduled as follows:
Wed 22nd Dec 7.30 is ON No Tennis Boxing day Sunday 26th Wed 29th dec 7.30 is ON Sun 2 Jan 2022 (OMG) is ON for the start to a new year – from Jan all court bookings are from 9 am on Sundays.
Thanks for a great, if challenging year folks. Mel and I really enjoy your company and tennis down at Wakehurst and we look forward to much more of it in the New Year.  
Roy/Linsday will get subs communications out in the New Year – we’re looking at reduced subs for the Jan-Jun 2022 period based on the long covid break and we’re basing reduced subs on the 10 – 13 weeks that members could not play during restrictions and when folks came back to play.
cheers for now – will see some of you before year end but to those we don’t all the best for an awesome Xmas and New Years with family and friends, in our beautiful Northern Beaches or wherever you are celebrating.  
John and Mel x 

Year End Arrangements For 2020

CHRISTMAS DINNER .🍾🍽🍺🥂🎄at the Club House.
From 630 pm this coming Friday 18th December.
Please bring a wrapped gift ($10 – $15) for our Silly Secret Santa 🎅.
Dress code  !!  a touch of Christmas.!!  🎅🎄🎅.

Arrangements over Christmas and New Year.
Sunday 27/12: I’ve booked 3 courts from 9am ( social ).
Wednesday 30/12:    NO TENNIS  !!
Sunday 3/1/21: Back to normal  play from 9am.
Wednesday 6/1/21: Back to normal play from 7till 10pm.

Our A.G.M. Will be held on Sunday 28th February following our end of month R.R.

Wishing everyone a very safe and happy Christmas and hoping for a wonderful COVID free 2021 ahead. Please don’t hesitate to let me know of any concerns re the above arrangements.  In tennis , fun and sportsmanship.    Wendy   🎾😀🎾

Year End Arrangements for 2019

Hello players.
A busy time for all but just to let you know what’s happening.

 No. 1.
  our Christmas Party.  THE BEST EVER I’m told.
Next Friday 20/12  7pm at the Club House.
Elaine tells me there are plenty of prizes, especially for the wackiest and or cutest Christmas accessories !! 
    3 course dinner  $45 , drinks at the bar.
If you haven’t rsvped, please do so to Elaine D.   0412 463132 ( text ). ASAP !!
Sunday tennis will continue during the festive season.
Our R.R. will be held on 29/12 . Fun prizes for ALL players plus our regular Dans wines
for the winners.
The draw will happen at 9am.  Hit ups from 845am.
$5 entry as per usual.  Christmas attire accepted !! 
Wednesday night tennis will finish from 18/12, back to normal from 8/1/20  !!
Court 3. is booked from 630 pm for the early birds !!
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Rain would be wonderful apart from Wednesday’s and Sundays ( only joking ) !!
Thank you all for your support during my second year as President of this fantastic club.

Year End Arrangements for 2018

Just to let our players know  the centre will be closed from 23/12  till   7/1/19 .
However management has agreed to let us use the courts on SUNDAYS during this time.  👏🎾👍👏   ( No Wednesday nights ) .Thanks Gershwin and Michelle.
PLAN     Sunday 23/12   Christmas Round Robyn .
            Get with the spirit and wear a little red / green/ Santa hat or whatever .
2 bottles of bubbles as prizes 🥂🍾🎉🎄, donated by Dan Murphy 👍.
Please be there before 9am so our captains can sort order of play . $5
                 Sunday 30/12   Regular tennis 🎾.
                 Sunday 6/1/19  Regular tennis 🎾.
 during this time we will need to use the washrooms at the Golf Club . As of 9/1/19   Wednesday night tennis back  ! 👍👏🎾👍
       13/1/19   Sunday tennis back to normal.
At this time of year I’d like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2019.
Thank you all for supporting me in my first year as President.
I’m so lucky to have such an amazing team behind me .
Looking forward to our Christmas Party on Friday 21/12 at the Golf Club.The more the merrier . 
It’s not too late to commit .  Please let Elaine know asap.  0412 463132 🎄🥂🎉🎄
  Cheers for now    Wendy    🎾😃🎾

Year End Arrangements for 2017

As we come towards Christmas and the New Year we have some changes to the usual routine arrangements. As our usual courts at Wakehurst are closed for a little while we will be skipping some days over the next couple of weeks. Here are the arrangements for December 2016 and January 2017

  • Wednesday 20th December normal tennis at Wakehurst
  • Sunday 24th December – NO TENNIS
  • Wednesday 27th December – NO TENNIS
  • Sunday 31st December – NO TENNIS
  • Wednesday 3rd January – back to normal tennis at Wakehurst

Year End Arrangements for 2016

As we come towards Christmas and the New Year we have some changes to the usual routine arrangements. As our usual courts at Wakehurst are either busy or closed we will be changing location or skipping some days over the next few weeks. Here are the arrangements for December 2016 and January 2017

  • Sunday 18th December – Round Robin at Belrose
  • Wednesday 21st December normal tennis at Wakehurst
  • Sunday 25th December – NO TENNIS
  • Wednesday 28th December – NO TENNIS
  • Sunday 1st January – NO TENNIS
  • Wednesday 4th January – normal tennis at Wakehurst
  • Sunday 8th January – Tennis at Belrose as Wakehurst are running a tournament
  • Wednesday 11th January – NO TENNIS as the Wakehurst tournament continues and Belrose is not available to us
  • Sunday 15th January – back to normal tennis at Wakehurst