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Year End Arrangements For 2021

Hiya Tennis Fans and thanks to those who braved the heat to get out for a hit today. Good to be complaining about the heat rather than the rain for a change. We do love a good complain at times :). On this point – I do promise to bring more energy and staying power next year after a good post Xmas refresh.
Thanks Very Much to Heather and Steve for hosting us all at Xmas drinks on Friday night – beautiful place, great company with lots of our ‘better halves’ along, great plate contributions, games and chats. Well done to all the ‘smurf’ winners and apologies for hogging all the mushroom dip – if you didn’t get any it was delicious!
No more requirements to register for our sessions going forward under NSW covid regs. Clearly, only come if you feel up to it and we all carry responsibility to keep each other safe these days.
We still have play scheduled as follows:
Wed 22nd Dec 7.30 is ON No Tennis Boxing day Sunday 26th Wed 29th dec 7.30 is ON Sun 2 Jan 2022 (OMG) is ON for the start to a new year – from Jan all court bookings are from 9 am on Sundays.
Thanks for a great, if challenging year folks. Mel and I really enjoy your company and tennis down at Wakehurst and we look forward to much more of it in the New Year.  
Roy/Linsday will get subs communications out in the New Year – we’re looking at reduced subs for the Jan-Jun 2022 period based on the long covid break and we’re basing reduced subs on the 10 – 13 weeks that members could not play during restrictions and when folks came back to play.
cheers for now – will see some of you before year end but to those we don’t all the best for an awesome Xmas and New Years with family and friends, in our beautiful Northern Beaches or wherever you are celebrating.  
John and Mel x 

2021 AGM Agenda

Wakehurst Social Tennis Club

Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021 Please be advised that the AGM of the WTC will be held on Sunday 28 February 2021 at the Wakehurst Golf Club at 12 noon. AGENDA 1.Presidents’ Welcome – Wendy Sullivan 2. Attendance 3. Apologies 4. Approval of minutes of the 2020 AGM – Minutes attached and available on website. 5. Presidents Report – Wendy Sullivan 6. Treasurers Report – Ning Stewart President steps down as meeting chair to Melinda Gray 7. Election of Office Bearers: Call for Nominations to Stephanie Phillips please (drsteph1@icloud.com)


Vice President:


Assistant Treasurer:




Social Secretary:

Communications Officer:

Tournament Directors

Other business

Future of the Club, Issues with Wakehurst Tennis Courts, Fees, Serving/ End change policy
(proposal of alternate ends or northern end only and change after 4 games), Deuce
procedure (short deuce at all times – speed up rotation).