2020 AGM Agenda

Wakehurst Social Tennis Club

Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2020 Please be advised that the AGM of the WTC will be held on Sunday 23rd February 2020 at the Wakehurst Golf Club at 12 noon. AGENDA
1. Presidents’ Welcome- Wendy Sullivan 2. Attendance 3. Apologies 4. Approval of minutes of the 2019 AGM- Minutes attached and available on website 5. Presidents Report-Wendy Sullivan 6. Treasurers Report- Ning Stewart
President steps down as meeting chair to Elaine Wooffindin 7. Election of Office Bearers: Call for Nominations to Stephanie Phillips please (drsteph1@icloud.com)
President: Vice President:


Assistant Treasurer




Social Secretary

Communications Officer

Other business

Serving From both ends WS Club Culture SP
The Committee have received many comments from members upset by disparaging comments & behaviour from other members regarding playing ability, reluctance to play with other members or court etiquette. The WTC is a friendly, casual club. It is not a play- in club, nor a competition Club. The Club Captains do an excellent job in a very difficult role managing court loads. WTC always expects Members to display courtesy and respect for other members. Any other business
Presentation Of 2019 club Champion trophies.