2019 AGM Agenda

Wakehurst Tennis Club

Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2019  Please be advised that the AGM of the WTC will be held on Sunday 24th February 2019 at the Wakehurst Gold Club at 12 noon. AGENDA 1.Presidents’ Welcome- Wendy Sullivan 2. Attendance 3. Apologies 4. Approval of minutes of the 2018 AGM- Minutes attached below and available on website 5. Presidents Report 6. Treasurers Report- Ning Stewart President steps down meeting chair to Elaine Wooffindin  7. Election of Office Bearers: Call for Nominations to Stephanie Phillips please (drsteph1@icloud.com) President:   Vice President:   


Assistant Treasurer




Social Secretary

Communications Officer Other business
  1. ?Appointment of a Tournament Director to work with the club President and Captain to oversee efficient and timely running of Club Championships
  2. Regulations re Club Championships: entry criteria, time limits etc
  3. Serving from “both ends”
Presentation Of 2018 club Champion trophies. Minutes of the 32nd Annual General Meeting,
held on the 25th February, 2018 Opening:     The annual general meeting of the Wakehurst Tennis Club was called to order at 12:16pm on Sunday the 25th of February, 2018 at Wakehurst Golf Club by Warwick Bookallil. Present:   
Warwick BookallilChris BirdLindsay Phillips
Elaine DudgeonJulia KiaAnthony Thompson
Ray DummettElaine WooffindinWendy Sullivan
David LeNing StewartLisa Rush
Stephanie PhillipsAlan HowesAndrew Todd
Ben PollockShane Bruce
David WestonChris BuckMichelle Stevens

A.    Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous annual general meeting on the 12th of February, 2017 were unanimously approved.

B.    President’s Report

Warwick Bookallil presented the President’s Report. A proposal to adopt the report was proposed by Stephanie Phillips, seconded by Alan Howes and unanimously approved by those present. A copy of the report is included as Appendix A.

C.    Treasurer’s Report

Warwick Bookallil presented the Treasurer’s report. A proposal to adopt the report was put by Lindsay Phillips, seconded by Ray Dummett and approved unanimously by those present. A copy of the report is included as Appendix C.

D.    Election of Officers

The current committee stood down from their posts and elections were held for a committee to serve during 2018.


Wendy Sullivan was nominated by Lindsay Phillips and seconded by Ning Stewart. Wendy Sullivan was elected unanimously.

Vice President

Elaine Wooffindin was nominated by Ray Dummett and seconded by Alan Howes. Elaine Wooffindin was elected unanimously.


Ning Stewart was nominated by Ray Dummett and seconded by Anthony Thompson. Ning Stewart was elected unanimously.  Ning asked for an assistant to help with managing the club’s finances. Lisa Rush was nominated for the new position of Assistant Treasurer by Lindsay Phillips and seconded by Stephanie Phillips. Lisa Rush was elected unanimously.


Anthony Thompson was nominated by Lindsay Phillips and seconded by Stephanie Phillips. Anthony Thompson was elected unanimously.


Anthony and the committee have co-opted the following members to act as Vice Captains; Ning Stewart, Lindsay Phillips, Ray Dummett, Iain Matthews and Chris Bird


Stephanie Phillips was nominated by Lindsay Phillips and seconded by Ray Dummett. Stephanie Phillips was elected unanimously.

Social Secretary

Julia Kia and Elaine Dudgeon were appointed by Wendy Sulivan. Communications Officer Alan Howes was appointed by Wendy Sullivan.

F.    Any Other Business

Lindsay Phillips moved a vote of thanks to Warwick Bookallil for his service to the club over the last 10 years. Wendy Sullivan noted that the club is arranging a dinner to thank Warwick for his contribution. There was a general discussion of the entry criteria for the club championships. Ray Dummett proposed a motion that casual players be admitted to the championships if they have played at least 10 times in the prior 12 months. Some discretion is available to the Club Captain for extenuating circumstances or for players new to the club. This motion was passed unanimously. Close:        Wendy Sullivan adjourned the meeting at 12:45pm. The date of the next annual general meeting will be nominated at the end of 2018. Minutes submitted by:    Andrew Todd Approved by:        Warwick Bookallil

Appendix A – President’s Report

2017 was a good year for Wakehurst Tennis Club. We have gained new players some of whom have joined up as full members. Player attendance improved and we were able to consolidate court bookings. For the information of newer players, Wakehurst Tennis Club is an independent hirer of Wakehurst Tennis Courts. Long term WTC players will have noticed that there were fewer outside tournaments at our courts and that they were agreeable to fit in with our booked needs. This avoids going to other courts with fewer facilities. We still need younger and good standard players to replace natural attrition.  Our entries in the Manly Daily are continuing but Tennis has more competing interests than ever. It is to be hoped that the Futsal Courts that are in place will contribute to the overall viability of the Wakehurst Courts for all parties concerned. As a social competitive club we appreciate having the Wakehurst Golf Club for traditional drinks / lunch and some functions. The club is grateful to the two WTC Social Secretaries Julia Kia and Elaine Dudgeon. Enjoyable functions during the year included a late afternoon drinks and jazz at Manly Beach organised by Julia Kia and an end of year dinner at Wakehurst Golf Club arranged by Elaine Dudgeon. We all should appreciate the social aspect of the club. You will have met and played with people you would not have otherwise! In 2017 WTC had substantially the same committee as previous years. The exception was Lindsay Phillips as the Club Captain who also became responsible for general play, round robins and the Club Championships. Lindsay did a great job in his new position. The championships went well except for injury delays at the end. The club vice captains organised play up to their usual high standard – this is not an easy job! They are Ray Dummett, Anthony Thompson, Chris Bird, Iain Matthews and Ning Stewart. Iain, Chris and Ning generally do the Wednesday night which has been more popular of late. Multiple vice captains are needed to allow for those away, injured or actually playing themselves. We have the long standing club secretary Andy Todd who maintains our excellent web site. I doubt if many Tennis Clubs would have the same records as we do. There is a club communications person, Alan Howes whose name you see on most emails, doing an outstanding job. As most of you know, I am relinquishing the position of club president and treasurer that I have held for ten years. I have enjoyed this period in spite of the odd hurdle. The club has grown in players and courts hired and has established a comfortable cash reserve.  I especially thank the committee members over that period who have promoted the club in many ways.  All the best to everyone,
Warwick Bookallil

Appendix B – Treasurer’s Report

As in the president’s report of 2017 this was a good year. Total income from club membership, casuals and visitors increased from $14,955.07 to $15,067.42. Expenses mainly court hire, tennis balls and wine for the round robins went from $14,751.00 to $14,904.00 leaving an operating margin of $163.42 and a new accumulated reserve of $3,969.77 This is similar to the last two years 2015 and 2016, that is around one percent margin. This leaves little room for any reduction as I anticipate more use of courts. Through three sets of owners in ten years I have negotiated discounts off the regular charges of the tennis courts and not paid for rained out sessions. My aim for all players has been to retain the Wakehurst courts for the most usage for the least charges. Other courts may be cheaper but do not have the complex sub leases as at Seaforth and extra costs for our hospitable proprietors Gershwin and Michelle. To say the least we have very good parking facilities here and ability to go to the golf club for drinks and/or lunch. I appreciated the honour of Life Membership of the Wakehurst Tennis Club nominated by Stephanie Phillips although I hardly availed myself of any advantage. Again I thank all of the WTC committee members and players for their effort in contributing to the success of the club. As most of you know, I am relinquishing the position of president/treasurer which I have held for ten years.
Warwick Bookallil